When Should I Replace My Water Heater?

Not sure when you should replace your water heater?

Your water heater works as hard as any other home comfort appliance. And if it kicks the bucket unexpectedly, it’s almost as bad as losing heat on a cold winter night. The best solution is to replace your water heater when it starts to degrade in a few key areas. You want to find the sweet spot, just before it hits the point of failure, but not so early that you’ve cut out some of its functional life. Age, efficiency, internal and external condition are all things to evaluate before you replace your water heater.

Your Oosterveld Heatingcan help you decide if it’s time to say goodbye to your old water heater and hello to a new, tankless water heater. Our certified technicians will make a thorough inspection and test the water heater components. Water heaters last anywhere from 15 to 20 years. But if yours is older than 10 and is exhibiting terminal symptoms, it’s time for a replacement. A couple easy signs we look for when completing an evaluation include:

  • Leaking around the base of the tank
  • Inconsistent hot water production, or none at all

Sometimes, insufficient hot water can be a straightforward repair like replacing a heating element or the thermostat. But repairing an older hot water heater, in the long run, could be a poor investment. Oosterveld Heating can help you decide. As a locally owned business, we want to build our business through good reviews and 100% satisfied customers. It’s in our best interest to look out for your best interest.

Get a longer life with a maintenance plan

Regular maintenance on your water heater can extend its life for several years. With our Protection Plan, you’ll have annual maintenance chores taken care of by certified technicians. We will drain the tank and flush out sediment, inspect the pressure relief valve and supply lines and make sure everything is working properly. We’ll track your maintenance schedule and send regular email reminders when important maintenance tasks are approaching.

Call for a water heater inspection

If you want a hand deciding whether or not your water heater has a few years left in it, Oosterveld Heatingcan help inform your decision. Call us for a water heater evaluation or even a complete heating and cooling system inspection. Oosterveld Heating can help you avoid problems before they even start. You’ll rest easier knowing there is plenty of hot water left in the tank.