Family Owned and Operated Since 1980

Staying in business for any length of time in the heating and air conditioning industry means that you’ve got to have a battery of professional services, including sales and installation, outstanding service maintenance for air conditioners and furnaces as well as responsive customer service.

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That’s what you get with Oosterveld Heating and Air Conditioning. We pride ourselves on being a family-run business and have been serving the Guelph community since 1980. When you’re looking for top of the line Lennox™ furnaces, air purifiers and air conditioners, hot water heaters & fireplaces, for both residential and commercial needs, look no further than Oosterveld. Our expert technicians install and instruct, showing you everything that you’ll need to know about Lennox furnaces and air conditioners. We pride ourselves on servicing your heating & cooling equipment, hot water heaters, boilers, fireplaces and even air purification systems.

At Oosterveld Heating we put our over 35 years of industry experience to work to get you the Lennox product that suits your needs. As an independent Lennox Premier dealer we showcase the best Lennox has to offer. Our Home Comfort Advisors work diligently to analyze our clients’ air conditioning and heating needs.

To earn your business everyone here at Oosterveld Heating and Air Conditioning is ready and willing to answer all of your questions. We are always ready to respond to all of your HVAC queries and our comfort advisors are pleased to provide a free no obligation quote.

Call, email or fill out the handy online form today and we’ll get started providing you with the right system for your home.

We stand behind everything that we do… if you want to deal with an honest company that has been treating their customers right since 1980, try us out! Don’t believe us? Check out our customer reviews.

We Remember Our Roots

Remember Oosterveld's RootsWe are happy to know our roots, and to be in this beautiful country that is Canada…

It all started when Henk Oosterveld and his wife Helen traveled from Holland in 1952 searching for a better life, landing in Halifax on July 1st. They traveled to Toronto, where three days later covered in grime from the drafty carriage they arrived at a farmhouse near Guelph which they shared with another family. No heating system, no running water – times were tough, but Henk persevered, found a steady job, and finally after years of saving they were able to purchase a home in Guelph.

Henk & Helen now had five children, and they were living in a house with an oil space heater, something both of them disliked. Then in the early sixties, natural gas became available to the residents of Guelph. Henk approached the gas company, only to discover that his family would have a very long wait before they could have their gas furnace installed. There was a severe shortage of installers. Rather than accepting the news and waiting along with the rest, Henk realized that if there was such a demand for gas installers perhaps he should get involved. Henk started working for a local contractor and spent several years learning all he could about the business.

Finally, he took the gamble and went into business for himself. In 1980 Henk Oosterveld Heating was born. He named it after himself to show that it was something that he would stand behind, not hiding behind a generic name. The pride in his family name carried over into the work he did for his customers. The company was built on the premise of quality work with quality products. Henk was fair with his customers, and people soon began to trust him, and in turn, he put his trust into Lennox Industries becoming a Lennox dealer for one of the most recognized brands in the world.

Now although Henk is no longer with us, Oosterveld Heating & Air Conditioning is still very much a family business. Two of his sons Rick & Ed, took over the reins in 1990 and have continued to run the company with traditional values, always providing customer satisfaction, quality work, and quality products to Guelph and the surrounding area. Although the values of the company have not changed, the company continues to change with the times, grow, thrive and provide the innovative quality products that their customers have come to expect.

Henk was just 19 when he first arrived in Halifax. Before he died he visited Halifax again to reflect on his life and accomplishments and thought back to that first day in Canada. His own success story is one of so many in this country, he was proud of his achievements as an immigrant to Canada and was grateful to be here. Today we remember Henk, and to honor him we still proudly put our name on everything we do!