Why Does My Furnace Keep Turning Off?

November 10, 2019

A reliable furnace keeps a home comfortably warm during the cold winter season. A furnace that goes on and off unexpectedly raises many concerns. Who wants to see a heater die during the coldest night of the year? If your heating system keeps going off, then you need to pinpoint the problem. There are a few possible causes.

A Dirty Air Filter Causes Troubles

When your air filter is too dirty, problems could spread throughout the furnace. When a filter becomes too dirty, airflow is restricted. Now, there is less air traveling over the heat exchanger. The ripple effect here causes the furnace to go out. Homeowners in the Guelph, ON, area likely want their furnaces to run reliably. Oosterveld Heating & Air Conditioning performs work on electric, gas, and propane furnaces and handles other heating and cooling work, too.

Other Dirty Parts

The air filter isn’t the only part capable of suffering from dirt and soot overload. Just as a dirty filter reduces air to the heat exchanger, so does a dirty blower wheel. And a dirty sensor rod might not know there’s a flame, so it shuts the gas valve.

Confusion Over the Interior’s Temperature

The furnace connects to the thermostat and pumps out hot air to meet the set temperature designation. External factors, however, can outright confuse the system. For example, if the home has any drafts, the cold air may lead the system to assume the interior is chillier than it is. So, the heater shuts off. The same problem may occur when sunlight hits the thermostat. Look for these odd problems and try to correct them.

Air Supply Vent Issues

Did you close the air supply vent? Some may do this because of misconceptions about how the vents might hamper energy efficiency. Closing the vents, however, may do nothing more than hurt the airflow supply. If that occurs, a possible reaction is the heater shutting off.

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