Smell Gas? Here’s What You Need to Know and Do to Set Things Straight

January 7, 2019

There have been quite a few great innovations since the days when heating your home meant choosing between electricity, oil or wood. Natural gas is one of them and has brought home heating costs down for the average homeowner. However, like any other fossil fuel you use for home heating, there are a few things you need to know about natural gas and the procedures to follow when you smell a leak that will keep you and your family safe. Natural gas has no odour in its natural state. That’s why distributors add Mercaptan to get your attention when there’s a leak. It’s important to keep in mind that although this gas is non-poisonous, it is highly flammable. Here’s what to do when you smell it. With a slight odour, you need to open any doors and windows. Make sure not to turn any appliances on or off. That goes for using any switches or even your computer and cell phone. From a safe distance, call the proper utility company to let them know there’s a leak. Although these situations are rare, you might find yourself close to a gas fire either inside or outside. It’s important to remain calm and phone your local fire department. Remember, you should never use water on a gas fire. Oosterveld Heating and Air Conditioning is a family-owned and operated business servicing Guelph and the surrounding areas. Call today!

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