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Electrician Services in St Thomas

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Electrical Services in London and the Greater Surrounding Area

Your home’s electricity is an essential component to ensuring you and your family are able to live comfortably throughout the year. From powering your appliances to your TVs, and internet to your home security system, HVAC system, and more, you use your home’s electricity every single day. Therefore, when something goes wrong, it can disrupt your daily routines significantly, which is why you need a professional electrical company to provide you with services you can rely on. 

With over 35 years of experience, the electrical team at M&K Heating and Air Conditioning consists of leading, certified electricians who have the knowledge and skills to provide homeowners in St. Thomas, Ontario, with high-quality electrical solutions. When you partner with M&K Heating and Air Conditioning, you can rest assured knowing your home is in good hands. 

Our friendly, certified electrical team is available 24/7/365 for all services with no extra charge for after-hours, emergencies, weekends, or holidays! Call M&K Heating and Air Conditioning directly or book an appointment with us online today!

Residential Electrical Services FAQs

There are numerous benefits homeowners can experience when working with a professional electrician. Here is a closer look at some of these benefits: 

  • Protecting your health and safety

Electrical work performed by anyone other than a licensed and certified electrician can cause serious bodily harm, death, and damage to your home. Therefore, to prevent injuries, death, and other damages, it is always recommended that homeowners hire a certified, experienced electrician who has the knowledge to provide you with safe service, especially if you have no prior electrical knowledge. 

  • Liability protection

Should anything go wrong after your repair, maintenance, or installation, homeowners are protected from personal liability. This means that you will not be charged for any additional electrical work your home may need in the event that something is to go wrong. On the other hand, if homeowners perform their own electrical work, they will be personally held responsible for any damages or injuries that occur. This means that your insurance company will not provide you with coverage. 

  • Safety Codes

There are numerous safety codes your home is required to uphold. Electricians are knowledgeable in all safety codes and will ensure you and your home are protected from hazards. 

  • Access to equipment and tools

A professional electrician has access to all the necessary tools and equipment, which will save you the trouble of purchasing your own. This not only saves you time, but it will also save you money on additional costs.

There are numerous responsibilities and duties an electrician can perform. From electrical wiring to electrical installations and upgrades to electrical safety plans, any aspect of your home or commercial building that uses electricity to function is under the responsibility of a professional electrician. Therefore, regardless of if you need repairs, installations, or upgrades to your home’s electrical system, you can trust in the expertise of a professional electrician to get the job done right. 

Do you need the professional services of an electrician for your home? Call us directly or book an appointment with M&K Heating and Air Conditioning online today!

As homeowners use their electricity every day to perform daily tasks, when something goes wrong, it is likely that you will be able to tell when something isn’t right. With that said, not all signs are that evident. Therefore, to ensure that you are able to diagnose and repair any electrical problems in your home before they become more severe and dangerous, here are some signs that you can look out for around your home:  

  • You notice that your fuse box wires are singed 
  • There are flickering lights throughout your home
  • You are using too many extension cords in your home
  • There is a potent burning smell throughout your home
  • Your electrical outlets feel warm to the touch
  • You hear a buzzing noise throughout your home
  • You frequently experience an electric shock when you plug in your appliances 
  • Your circuit breakers regularly trip 

Have you noticed any of these signs around your home? If the answer is yes, then it’s time to book an appointment with M&K Heating and Air Conditioning today!

No, St. Thomas homeowners should never attempt to fix an electrical problem themselves, especially in cases of emergencies. Electrical work is highly complex, and without the correct knowledge, experience, or certifications, you can not only put your home at risk of damage, but you can also put yourself at risk of severe bodily injury or death. Electric shock is a serious consequence of electrical mistakes performed by those who are uncertified to do so. Therefore, it is always recommended that you call a professional electrical company to provide you with the assistance you require. 

Luckily, the team at M&K Heating and Air Conditioning is able to help you with all electrical emergencies whenever you need us. Besides being available 24/7, 365 days a year, we are also happy to charge no extra costs for emergency services, services on weekends, after-hour services, or on holidays. Therefore, whenever you need us, you can count on our team of electricians to be there for you. 

Call us directly or book an electrical service appointment with us online today!

Why Choose M&K Heating and Air Conditioning?

M&K Heating and Air Conditioning gets the job done. Whether you’re installing smart technology in your home or need a professional to fix incorrectly installed house wiring or an overloaded circuit, we can help. 

Plus, we take a customer-first approach to residential electrical services, which means we always put the needs of our clients above all else. We won’t leave your home until you are 100% satisfied with your repair, installation, or inspection. 

At the end of the day, London, Ontario homeowners can always count on M&K Heating and Air Conditioning for quality residential electrical services.


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We pride ourselves on always acting with integrity and promise to treat your home with the utmost care and respect. If we don’t meet your expectations in any way, you’ll receive our Five Year System Check-Up PackageTM totally free of charge. We Respect YouTM and your home.

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