Some Quick Tips for Summer Furnace Servicing

January 7, 2019

You might not be thinking about how cold it would be without your furnace working properly when it’s the middle of July and your air conditioning unit is purring like a kitten, but that’s the best time to consider about making sure you’re ready when the weather turns. The variable speed home comfort systems that many new furnaces come with work best when they’re properly serviced and here are a few pointers for you to follow so you’ll get the most from the service you buy. Remember there’s always the possibility of water issues and resulting mould when these units aren’t serviced properly since most furnaces drain during the heating cycles and not when the weather is warmer. The blower components should be cleaned and adjusted. You need to be sure that the technicians that come to do the job understand the importance of good airflow and how this cleaning increases capacity and keeps your equipment running at peak efficiency. Many new furnaces also have many safety components requiring regular cleaning, or your furnace may shut down on the coldest night of the year. You’ll want be sure that the people you hire are licensed and trained and they know all the aspects of the job and what to look for including thermostat calibration. When one of these front line elements is off you can overheat or under-heat your home even though the furnace itself is working properly. There are some real safety concerns that need to be looked at too and a thorough inspection of the heat exchangers is a must. Any cracks and separations can result in a carbon monoxide leak, which will endanger your family. Getting this kind of inspection done during off season for your furnace means that you’ll be able to find and correct any problems before the winter when they could cause serious issues. Oosterveld Heating and Air Conditioning is a family owned and operated business servicing Guelph and the surrounding areas. Call today to schedule an appointment!

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