Preparing Your Home for a Freeze with Ease

December 20, 2021

Brace yourself – winter is coming. As the days become shorter and cooler weather rolls in, homeowners can take steps to prepare their home for the winter season ahead. If you haven’t yet readied your home for freezing temperatures, now’s the time to do it. Follow this guide to prep your home for winter and take comfort in a warm, cozy home all season long.

Block Out Cold Air

Keep icy drafts from chilling the air in your home this winter. Consider adding storm windows or doors, especially if you have an older home. Another way to keep the cold out and save on heating costs this winter is adding window insulation film. These simple steps will help prevent cold air from seeping in and help lock in warmth.

Check Your Gutters

It’s a good idea to keep your home’s gutters clear all year long, but in the winter it becomes essential. If leaves pile up in your gutter, the backup can cause melting ice and snow to spill into your attic or basement. If you haven’t yet cleared away debris from your gutters, early winter is a great time to do it.

Prep Your Furnace

When temperatures tumble, homeowners rely on their heating system to keep their home comfortable. Before winter is in full swing, take time to have the team at Oosterveld Heating and AC inspect your furnace to ensure it’s ready to withstand cold weather.

During this preventative check, Oosterveld Heating and AC will make sure your furnace is running properly and address any potential issues. Homeowners can also perform some DIY tasks, such as replacing air filters and ensuring vents are free of debris, to make sure their heating system operates efficiently all winter long.

Or better yet, sign up for an Oosterveld Home Comfort Plan which includes annual maintenance, safety check and cleaning of your equipmen, full year of labour coverage on your unit and more!

Turn Off Exterior Faucets

Homeowners often overlook this winterizing step because it’s so simple. However, if undrained water remains in pipes in freezing temperatures, the pipes can burst as the ice expands. Disconnect your garden hoses and drain any remaining water in your exterior faucets to prevent the hassle of burst pipes this winter.

Inspect Your Fireplace and Chimney

There’s nothing like the cozy warmth of a fire on a cold winter evening. However, before you light that first log, contact a professional chimney sweep to ensure your fireplace and chimney are in the best shape to safely heat your home. When you’re not using your fireplace, keep the flue completely closed to avoid warm air from escaping through the chimney.

Stock Up on Cold-Weather Necessities

If a snowstorm prevents you from leaving your house, make sure you have emergency supplies on hand. Always have a few hardy snow shovels within easy reach as well as extra firewood and propane. Before freezing weather strikes, it’s also smart to stock up on water and non-perishable food items.

Cozy Up to Cold Weather

The winter season sparkles with opportunities to enjoy a warm and inviting home. By taking some time to prepare for freezing weather, homeowners don’t have to be caught off guard by snow, ice, and arctic air—they stand ready for whatever winter weather comes their way.

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