Preparing Your Furnace and AC for the Changing Seasons

January 8, 2019

We Ontarians are a fickle bunch. In the Summer we long for cooler weather and in the Winter we can’t wait for the warmth of summer. But, those changes mean we have some work to do. Here are a few tips for making sure your air conditioner and furnace are ready for the change in seasons. Before winter hits, perform a visual inspection of your furnace to make sure it’s clean and that there’s nothing stored around it. Check the filter and change it if necessary. Depending on your furnace model, you may be able to remove the covers for the burner and blower compartments. If so, clean the areas inside with a vacuum cleaner, being sure not to touch the internal mechanisms. When you’re done, make sure the covers are in place and secure, and briefly turn it on for a test run. Your air conditioner will be off all winter, but that doesn’t mean it won’t require attention. Clean out any leaves or other debris that may have collected in and around the outside unit over the summer. Then, cover the unit with a fitted cover available from most hardware stores or from your air conditioner supplier. As summer nears, inspect the outside unit again to be sure there are no obstructions to the fan and that no critters have built nests inside. Test the air conditioner to make sure it’s working properly. At the start of both seasons, check the registers in each room of your home and vacuum out any accumulated dust. Don’t forget to clean the air return vents as well. Check the settings on your programmable thermostat to be sure it’s still applicable to your family’s schedule. Whatever the season, make sure your furnace and air conditioner are ready by having them thoroughly inspected by the trained technicians at Oosterveld Heating and Air Conditioning. We’ll help you greet the new season without any unpleasant surprises. Call today!

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