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November 20, 2019
Guelph Today - Helpers
Guelph Today offers a trusted online breaking news and information portal for folks in Guelph and the southwestern Ontario area. Local journalists provide up-to-date coverage of important topics and events through the Guelph Today website. Look to this local news organization for thoughtful and well-researched advice and commentary about leading stories important to you. If it impacts the community, you can find out about it through Guelph Today.

Supporting Our Community

As an independent news channel, Guelph Today provides local companies with a way to give back to the public. That’s why Oosterveld Heating & Air Conditioning is proud to participate in the Community Leaders Program (CLP) offered by this local news organization. The CLP allows us to give back in a positive way by helping to expand local news coverage.

Helpers Articles

Helpers articles contain stories about people focused on making an impact on our community. These are positive stories of neighbors and friends who provide support for good causes. You’ll find motivational, celebratory, and inspiring human-interest stories and information on this featured page of the news site. Look for Oosterveld Heating & Air Conditioning as a sponsor of the Helpers section. Just like our partners at Guelph Today, we’re committed to providing you with timely information you can benefit from right away.

Partnering With Guelph Today

As a local independent business, we identify with the mission of Guelph Today. We support their efforts to deliver local news from local reporters. Our partnership allows the editorial team to deliver more of the news that’s important to you and your village. We believe in investing in you in this meaningful way.
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