Can I Have A Fireplace In My Existing Home?

January 7, 2019

Imagine coming home on a cold winter day and curling up in front of a warm fire. If a wood-burning fireplace is out of the question, are you out of luck? Not necessarily. The simplest, cheapest option is probably an electric fireplace. But, an electric fireplace is just a little more than a space heater with a pale light show. Instead, consider a Napoleon Direct Vent Gas Fireplace from Oosterveld Heating and Air Conditioning. These units offer a range of configurations and flexible design options and deliver the high efficiency and reliability you’ve come to expect from our gas appliances. A direct vent gas fireplace operates much like a gas furnace. Air from outside the home is pulled into a combustion chamber where the fuel — natural gas or propane — burns. Exhaust gases leave the home through another vent. The difference is that in a gas fireplace, the flames are clearly visible, contributing to the ambiance of the room. Heat is transferred into the home through convection, often with the aid of powered blowers, as well as through radiation as in a traditional wood-burning fireplace. While a wood-burning fireplace is limited by its weight and its need for a chimney, direct vent gas fireplaces are light enough to be installed even in mobile homes, freestanding or on almost any outside wall. Safety features include a self-generating millivolt system that automatically shuts off the gas if the flame goes out and electronic ignition with battery backup so you can light the unit even during a power failure. Remote control allows you to adjust the flame and heat levels from across the room. If you want to experience the warmth and beauty of a real fire and the safety, convenience, and efficiency of a precision gas appliance, call Oosterveld Heating and Air Conditioning. We carry a complete line of Napoleon gas fireplaces and can offer you the advice, installation, and service you need.

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