All About High Efficiency Retrofits

January 4, 2019

It’s a proven fact that replacing an older model furnace with a new high-efficiency retrofit will benefit you in both the long and short term. All appliances have a lifespan at the end of which their usefulness decreases and with a furnace, that’s usually between 15 and 20 years. When you have an older relative move in or a new baby enters the picture, you might see a difference in your fuel bills that will make getting a new furnace a good idea. Installing new high-efficiency products also allows you to put in new ductwork and heat rooms that might not have had adequate coverage before. Whatever the reason behind the change, there are some benefits to getting what the latest heating innovation has to offer. Ventilation is one of the issues that you’ll need to consider. Professionals who install these higher efficiency furnaces know quite a bit about proper ventilation and will be able to supply a proper venting strategy for a new furnace that takes into account the safety of everyone in the home. Your strategy may include direct venting and the addition of Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRVs), that recover lost heat and exchange stale air for fresh air on a constant basis. Choosing from any of the newer furnaces on the market today means increased energy efficiency that includes the most innovative choices in motors and fans. While there are savings when it comes to the switch from an oil or electric furnace to one that uses natural gas, the mechanical workings of these units also run better and use less energy than their predecessors. Oosterveld Heating and Air Conditioning is a family owned and operated business servicing Guelph and the surrounding areas.

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