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Hire An Experienced AC Technician

Oosterveld Heating & Air Conditioning has been a family-owned and -operated company for more than 35 years, and we’re proud to offer comprehensive AC services for the residents of Guelph, ON. Our office is open Monday through Friday, and we’re flexible with our appointment availability.

AC Services in Guelph

We place our focus on:

AC Repairs in Guelph

Regardless of the age of your AC unit in Guelph, if it’s making strange noises or not working efficiently, let Oosterveld Heating & Air Conditioning take a look. One of our AC technicians can take the mystery out of the situation for you.

AC Repairs for Guelph Residents

When we are faced with a faulty cooling unit, we will:

Professional AC Installation

To ensure that you can get an AC unit in your home when you need it, Oosterveld Heating & Air Conditioning of Guelph offers financing options on approved credit. We’ll do our best to work with your specific situation. Each step of the process, from removing your old cooling system to cleaning up our work area when finished, will be given our complete attention. We can complete any installation job promptly.

Routine Maintenance for Your AC Unit

Oosterveld Heating & Air Conditioning is proud to employ a team of AC technicians in Guelph who can maintain any type of cooling system. An annual tune-up can let you catch and resolve small problems before they cause your system to break down completely in the middle of summer. We’ll explain our findings understandably, and we’re happy to offer sound advice. By replacing worn-out parts, we can increase the overall efficiency and reliability of your system.

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Learn more about the AC services we offer in Guelph by giving Oosterveld Heating & Air Conditioning a call today. Read our reviews to see what others are saying.